Keep Calm...and hoard spoons

Feb 16, 2016 -- 9:56am

Kitchen clutter – I have been in a real de-clutter, get-rid-o-crap mode for the last few weeks.  We live in a small house (not a tiny one, just one that’s about 900 square feet) and there isn’t a lot of room for knickknacks.  Nor is there an abundance of counter or closet space.  I went through all my towels and sheets last week, encouraged by a blog post by a VERY organized person who got me to thinking with the question “how many sheets can you actually USE”?  Two sets was the recommendation.  That started a cavalcade of clearing and clutter removal - and its based on actual SCIENCE!

Problem is, I’ve now strayed to the kitchen where we have more wooden spoons than the law should allow.  I want to get rid of some, or at least designate them to the basement until one of our kids moves out and needs wooden spoons…and all the other kitchen stuff that’s taking up too much room in my cupboards.  My husband came upon my ‘go away’ pile in the kitchen yesterday, and went through it AGAIN.  He has a thing for gadgets and insists we need to be a home with more spatulas than we have hands!  I came upon this article the other day, and I’m trying to convince him that he will be ok without all that stuff.  (He’s got a spatula just for his tater tots….its bad!)  Just wait till I go through the casserole dishes!

Bicycle Built for Tuesday – Sunday Parkways will roll out again this year in Portland.  The dates are set.  One Sunday each month, May through October, a neighborhood in each area of Portland will shut down the streets to most cars, and open them up for walkers and riders.  If you haven’t ever taken part, its more fun than you might think.  

Elsewhere in the world of biking – Trek and Giant are taking it to the people, Iowa wants to protect cyclists and the lowdown on electric bikes.  Enjoy.  

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