Bucket List Travel?

May 16, 2016 -- 9:30am

Travel Bug – Really enjoyed talking with my Travel Bug guest Cole Donelson about his adventures with his wife Elizabeth.  They are traveling to all 59 National Parks in one year.  What a journey!  A lot of people probably agree with me, this sounds like the trip of a lifetime.  I liked what Cole said about not waiting to jump in.  He and Elizabeth looked at each other and said “why not” – and then came up with a plan to make it so.  Travel doesn’t have to be expensive – they are doing it on a shoestring, driving to each of their destinations, and camping to save money.  I would LOVE to have more of that “why not” spirit in my life.  How about you?


Travel Bug Trip – You can take a little of that “why not” spirit and join Cindy Passannante (of CP Trips) and I on an adventure this summer, to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  There’s still room for you on our July trip.   Here's how to find out more about this fun excursion

Bucket List – How often have you used that phrase “its on my bucket list”? I know I have done it myself, especially with travel destinations.  My list isn’t too long, but it is substantial.  Among the spots on my list: Cuba, Indonesia, Vietnam, a bike trip across Ireland, Portugal and Spain.  Plus I’d love to spend more time in the American South, the Southwest…and another trip to Chicago, New York and Boston would be swell too.  But maybe we shouldn’t call it a ‘bucket list’….and pay more attention to where we want to go, and just start planning!  Here’s a little inspiration for you.  Happy Travels!  

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