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    Serial flasher Michael Dick, 53, arrested after exposing himself on Tickle Road
  • Breaking News
    Dairy farmer & Oregon land use pioneer Hector MacPhearson dead at 96
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    Portland City Council to okay Uber April 15
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    Gun background check expansion bill introduce in Oregon Senate
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    Grass fires near Hermiston & Pendleton signal early fire season start
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    2 pink chickens "rescued" from Waterfront Park

Flight Attendants Getting A Little Cranky?

Feb 22, 2012 -- 11:53am

This morning we discussed the guy on a Continental flight who wouldn't put his e-cigarette away. They turned the flight back to Portland and arrested the idiot. Makes you sort of understand why flight attendants may be getting a bit cranky.  Here is a blog post about another flight attendant who was about to trap everyone on the plane because of an alleged theft. Who would want to steal a "digiplayer" anyway?

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