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Budget Travel Bucket List

May 15, 2017 -- 10:46am

Budget Bucket List – The Travel Bug enlisted the help of Travel writer Laura Begley Bloom to come up with a list of destinations that won’t break your budget this year.  Several on the list are on my own personal travel bucket list.  Take a look at them, see if you don’t agree that this year is going to be a good one for travel.  My favorites: Costa Rica, Bali and Cambodia.  It might not be this year for me with this list – but it might be for you!


Princess Cruise Sale – Speaking of saving money and traveling, you will want to get in on this deal provided though our Travel Bug sponsor, Cindy Passannante at CP Trips.  This week only, for a small deposit, you can reserve your stateroom for the cruise of a lifetime.  To find out more, call Cindy at 503-658-5646 or e-mail her at For any travel need, Cindy is the woman in the know.  Give her a call today.  



Eclipse Chasing

Apr 24, 2017 -- 10:16am

Total Eclipse of the Sun – And where to go to watch this celestial event, coming up August 21st?  We had a few ideas for you on the First Edition Travel Bug.  Many thanks to our guest Michael Zyler who is a self-proclaimed “eclipse chaser”.  If you’d like to join him on that mission, check out his website.  This is where you can find Michael’s app too, which will help you as we get closer to “E”-day with traffic and weather for the event. 


If you would like to combine music with your eclipse chasing, you’re in luck…at least here in Oregon.  There are two different festivals going on and both are planning for quite a crowd.  You can check out the Big Prairie Summit and the Oregon Solar Fest here.  Happy chasing! 






Kauai by Night

Apr 17, 2017 -- 11:02am

Travel Bug Travels At Night – And learns the value of an “F” stop too.  As promised, here are just some of the hundreds of shots I took during an amazing photo workshop on Kauai.  If you ever find yourself on the island, and love photography TAKE THIS CLASS!  Our instructor, Mallory Roe is a professional photographer and adventurer, and she is so knowledgeable.  She was able to instruct and encourage others in this workshop (there were only two other women, besides me…they like to keep the classes small) and educate me on some photo fundamentals.  It was worth every penny, and so enjoyable and fun.  We went to places on the island tourists don’t go, another plus.  All in all, fun and educational.  Hope you enjoy the pics – Be sure and take a look at the bottom two, my favorites!   Mahalo















The Islands Are Calling

Mar 28, 2017 -- 10:16am

Kauai Countdown – The Travel Bug is getting ready to hit the road…more like hit the tarmac for a trip to her happy place.  When I leave April 4th it will be my fourth trip to the Garden Island, Kauai.  Many people ask me what keeps me coming back?  If you’ve ever been to Kauai, you might not ask me that question though.  Its just such a laid back place, although not as laid back as it used to be.  There’s more than one traffic light on the island now, and there’s traffic during rush hour!  But the soul of Kauai is still as sweet. And with the wet winter and spring we've had, I'm so ready for sunshine and trade breezes.  

I’m doing something this trip I’ve never done before – taking a photography workshop.  It will be a five hour nighttime shoot with Kauai Adventure Photography.  I’ve even rented a special lens so I can get some of those “awwww” worthy shots of the Milky Way while I’m there.  An interview with owner Patrick Kelly is coming up on our First Edition Travel Bug segment this Monday morning. 


This Dog – reminds me of me….so excited to get off on vacation.  I’m willing to jump to the top of the kennel, just to get out. Check out his story here: 


Grandpa Love – I close with this.  One of my most cherished possession is letters I received from my grandpa.  We now communicate by e-mail or Facebook, but a long, long time ago, we used to write letters to each other.  Its what people did.  I love this story of a Grandpa who wrote down the fun he and his granddaughter had over the years.  Grandpas are special people!  Hope you enjoy this story


Bucket List Travel?

May 16, 2016 -- 9:30am

Travel Bug – Really enjoyed talking with my Travel Bug guest Cole Donelson about his adventures with his wife Elizabeth.  They are traveling to all 59 National Parks in one year.  What a journey!  A lot of people probably agree with me, this sounds like the trip of a lifetime.  I liked what Cole said about not waiting to jump in.  He and Elizabeth looked at each other and said “why not” – and then came up with a plan to make it so.  Travel doesn’t have to be expensive – they are doing it on a shoestring, driving to each of their destinations, and camping to save money.  I would LOVE to have more of that “why not” spirit in my life.  How about you?


Travel Bug Trip – You can take a little of that “why not” spirit and join Cindy Passannante (of CP Trips) and I on an adventure this summer, to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  There’s still room for you on our July trip.   Here's how to find out more about this fun excursion

Bucket List – How often have you used that phrase “its on my bucket list”? I know I have done it myself, especially with travel destinations.  My list isn’t too long, but it is substantial.  Among the spots on my list: Cuba, Indonesia, Vietnam, a bike trip across Ireland, Portugal and Spain.  Plus I’d love to spend more time in the American South, the Southwest…and another trip to Chicago, New York and Boston would be swell too.  But maybe we shouldn’t call it a ‘bucket list’….and pay more attention to where we want to go, and just start planning!  Here’s a little inspiration for you.  Happy Travels!  

Travel with the Travel Bug

Apr 19, 2016 -- 9:40am

Travel Bug – Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved taking a trip.  And I’m not all that picky, going around the block is somedays my big adventure, and what keeps me excited is you never know what is around the corner.  I have found a kindred soul in Cindy Passannate of CP Trips, the sponsor of my “Travel Bug” segment on KPAM.  So kindred are we, we’ve decided to start offering trips listeners can join in on with the two of us.  


Our first adventure is at the end of July, plenty of time for you to join us.  We heading down to Ashland and the Oregon Shakespearean Festival.  And its so easy – you decide to go, and Cindy does the rest, getting you a lovely room at the Ashland Springs Hotel, and tickets to two plays.  You pick which two productions you’d like to see, and they are good seats.  There are other activities you could sign up for, or just soak up the ambiance that is Ashland.  The hotel is within walking distance of the theaters and plenty of other fun things to do.  A totally kicked back LONG weekend, in a beautiful part of our state….and we get to share it.  I’m really looking forward to the fun.  If you’d like to take a closer look at the package, go to








  Looking forward to getting THEATRICAL with all of you! 



What's On Your Travel Bucket List?

Mar 21, 2016 -- 9:49am

Cuba --- Its on my bucket list – we were fortunate enough this morning to talk with one of the reporters covering the President’s visit to the island nation.  I have a longing to go and see a place that isn’t heavily influenced by the U-S.  With our world getting smaller and smaller every year, finding a place like that has become more difficult.  I guess it’s also fascinating for me to think of a neighbor, so close, and yet so different than we are.  It’s almost like a science fiction novel, where there’s a country that looks like ours but took a left turn in history when we went right.  Compare and contrast all you like, but I want to get my feet on the ground and EXPERIENCE it for myself.  And you can do that now.  There are more tours to Cuba, and we have a great resource with our Travel Bug sponsor C.P. Trips.  Check out the trip that will be leaving later this year here.  Experience of a lifetime!


 Mindfulness – That’s been on my mind too (pardon the pun).  I joined a yoga studio this year (Yoga Refuge, check it out and join me on the mat at my warm and wonderful neighborhood studio).  I’ve not had a lot of success with mediation, my brain is like a monkey in the trees.  But I’ve made a commitment to both in the New Year.  I am apparently not alone.  Mindfulness and yoga are turning into BIG business.  Enjoyed this journalist’s take on the whole ‘mindfulness’ movement.  Thought you might too. 


Has Portland Peaked??

Burt Sperling, he of Money Magazine’s “Best Place to Live study…and plenty of others….says we’ve reached the breaking point on livability.  With all the boom-bust cycles we’ve seen our larger neighbors to the north and south – Seattle and San Francisco – go through, he is predicting we’re heading for bust.  Somehow, I’m ok with that.  I hope it happens before the city is entirely inhabited by hipsters.  Nothing wrong with hipsters – but I like my city a little more real than the way we’ve seen it portrayed of late.  It’s a story you’ll find in the print edition of the Portland Tribune tomorrow. 







Keep Calm...and hoard spoons

Feb 16, 2016 -- 9:56am

Kitchen clutter – I have been in a real de-clutter, get-rid-o-crap mode for the last few weeks.  We live in a small house (not a tiny one, just one that’s about 900 square feet) and there isn’t a lot of room for knickknacks.  Nor is there an abundance of counter or closet space.  I went through all my towels and sheets last week, encouraged by a blog post by a VERY organized person who got me to thinking with the question “how many sheets can you actually USE”?  Two sets was the recommendation.  That started a cavalcade of clearing and clutter removal - and its based on actual SCIENCE!

Problem is, I’ve now strayed to the kitchen where we have more wooden spoons than the law should allow.  I want to get rid of some, or at least designate them to the basement until one of our kids moves out and needs wooden spoons…and all the other kitchen stuff that’s taking up too much room in my cupboards.  My husband came upon my ‘go away’ pile in the kitchen yesterday, and went through it AGAIN.  He has a thing for gadgets and insists we need to be a home with more spatulas than we have hands!  I came upon this article the other day, and I’m trying to convince him that he will be ok without all that stuff.  (He’s got a spatula just for his tater tots….its bad!)  Just wait till I go through the casserole dishes!

Bicycle Built for Tuesday – Sunday Parkways will roll out again this year in Portland.  The dates are set.  One Sunday each month, May through October, a neighborhood in each area of Portland will shut down the streets to most cars, and open them up for walkers and riders.  If you haven’t ever taken part, its more fun than you might think.  

Elsewhere in the world of biking – Trek and Giant are taking it to the people, Iowa wants to protect cyclists and the lowdown on electric bikes.  Enjoy.  

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