Reception Problems

KPAM listeners occasionally encounter challenges being able to clearly hear the station.  The biggest challenge is brought on because the Federal Communications Commission requires KPAM to reduce transmitter power at local sunset.  The power returns to the normal daytime level at local sunrise.  And of course Sunrise is much later and Sunset is much earlier in December and January unlike the long hours of daylight in June and July.  Another phenomenon also occurs at night which can also be bothersome.  At night AM radio signals travel very long distances.  Sometimes these distant stations can be heard under KPAM.  And of course it is more noticeable during the long nights of winter.

The other challenge KPAM listeners face is interference from all of the electronic devices we have everywhere.  Virtually everything we have today is electronic and these devices generate radio waves near the frequency of KPAM and other AM radio stations.  You hear them in your car driving down the freeway…buzz noise, pops, clicks and other strange noises.  And you may hear them in your own home.  At home these electronic noises can be minimized by moving the radio.  Radios should be kept away from television sets, computers, cords and cables.  The first thing to try to eliminate noise is to simply rotate the radio until the station sounds better.

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